Regulatory support
Medical Writing

We can provide expert assistance when it comes to medical/academic writing, submissions for funding, extensions in funding/time, ethical and other regulatory approvals, correspondence with funders/sponsors/regulatory bodies,update and safety reports, final reports, and dissemination of findings (journal articles, presentations, posters). 

Certain documents are particularly challenging to pitch to the right level, including patient information leaflets, letters to participants, consent forms, but also presentations or reports to participants, newsletters, update reports and so on. With extensive experience in writing for both lay and specialist audiences, we can help you to get the pitch just right without compromising on academic/research rigour.

contact us should you require assistance with the following:

DRAFTING               Assistance with regulatory submissions/forms, journal/magazine articles, marketing materials/brochures, protocols, reports, SOPs, correspondence
REVIEWING            PhD theses, MA dissertations, journal articles, marketing materials, product brochures,  regulatory submissions (forms, SmPCs)
PROOFREADING      PhD theses, MA dissertation, journal articles, marketing materials etc

This list is not exhaustive.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Please note that we also offer consultancy services/ coaching for researchers and academics not used to English language/scientific conventions who wish to publish articles in English-language journals. One-on-one coaching/collaborations can be arranged.


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